Have you looked outside lately and gone 'what the heck is going on with the grass right now?' How many times have you been cutting your front lawn in this weather lately. Some people in Western their New York have had their grass growing so fast that they have had to cut it maybe two or three times per week!

So, it got us thinking HOW CAN WE SLOW THIS DOWN A LITTLE BIT?

One of my friends says he has been doing this for years, but nobody has EVER heard of this. In fact, he even called it 'grass coffee', because it stunts the growth (you've probably heard a parents say that coffee stunts your growth to kids).

This is what he said to do: 

  • Take 5 oz of Borax (you can get it from Tops or Wegmans for about five bucks)
  • Get  a little hot water, maybe 5 more ounces and just really disintegrate the borax so it is not clumpy.
  • Put it in an empty, clean weed sprayer and add water to dilute your borax solution.
  • Spay it on your lawn.

(Obviously, this is easier with smaller lawns and large front or backyards can relly become an issue, so you will have to get spray attachment for your hose that will make it easier for bigger applications.)

Apparently, it will slow down the growth of grass, but not kill it. In fact, there are certain weeds that this new solution he made WILL KILL. He says weeds like creeping charlie will die over a couple weeks span.

Do you have any other solutions to help your lawn in these conditions? What about how to kill pesky weeds?


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