Have you ever had something go wrong or break at your house and then you fix the problem, only to find out that you did not actually do it properly?

Why does this keep happening to me?

Last year we had bats find their way into our house. We thought maybe when we put a new roof on the bats got it, because the chimney vent was missing. I put a new one on, and we did not see any bats. I figured that everything was good and we solved the problem.

Apparently not, because the other day we discovered a bat in the sink. It probably was trying to find its way out of the house, found a window, and crashed because it was just laying there tired out, still breathing. I mean, imagine waking up, being groggy, and then walking over to the sink to get a cup and all of the sudden you see a bat just laying in your sink. It's not the most ideal thing to find so early in the morning. With the help of some Tupperware, the bat was placed on the front lawn to fly away.

But, have you ever had a bat problem in your house? How did you figure out where they are coming from? We inspected the whole house and could not find a point of entry. Someone on Facebook did suggest to see if they are coming in through the furnace exhaust pipes, which makes sense because they are on the roof uncovered, but how would they get through the furnace then into the home?

Have you ever had any strange ways that bats got inside of your home? Any and all suggestions are welcomed!

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