The spring is here in New York State! Yay! But those of us who have lived here forever know that spring in New York State has a variety of seasons and weather.

The weather is going to be just about perfect this week. But there is a part of me that always waits for the nasty weather to return. But in the mean time, get the bikes out, take a walk or have dinner and drinks on the patio! Although our weather in Western New York can get ugly, there is nothing like late summer and spring in Buffalo!

Did you see Tom Hanks' son in Niagara Falls over the weekend? There is a chance you did.

The new film A Man Called Otto has been the talk of the area since we found out that Hanks was in town filming. Tom Hanks has also been showing up in plenty of wedding photos as well. He has been "photo bombing" plenty of pictures and since Niagara Falls is the "Honey Moon Capital of the World", there is a good chance that we will see him in a few local wedding albums as well.

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