Spring is here!  You might not realize that especially if you live in the Southtowns but it is here!  Get out of your pjs today and let Mother Nature know a little snow isn’t stopping us!


If you’re dream is to dance among the penguins then you might want to check this event out!  Get up close and person today and tomorrow with the Peruvian Penguins.  It’s all happening at the Aquarium of Niagara for their Penguin Day event!  You’ll get to spend the day learning all about the Penguins, see a few feedings, and even hang out with the Mascot.  If you go to this one definitely let the penguins know I dig that fact they are so cool they even wear a tuxedo all the time!  Penguin Days is happening today and tomorrow at the Aquarium of Niagara.

While we are on the subject of super cool animals make sure you stop by the Knights of Columbus hall to help out a great cause!  An organization close to my heart, the Ten Lives Club, will be hosting their 11th Annual Furball!  Spend the day hanging out at this live music event.  There will be crafters and vendors, food, theme baskets, and of course lots of cats up for adoption that you must check out!  Apparently my boyfriend won’t let me become a crazy cat lady so it’s up to you to show some amazing cats how much love you have in your heart for them!  It’s a free event so just show up!  The 11th annual event is taking place tomorrow from 1p to 6p at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Pierce Ave. in Hamburg. 

Looking forward to this week since spring is here and Easter (and my birthday) are on Sunday make sure you plan as many fun things as you can! 

The Tifft Nature Preserve is definitely my go to place if we are looking for some fun times!  This week they have 2 great events you must check out!  First of all on Wednesday head out and get your maple sugar fix at their Maple Sugar Full Moon Stroll! The Days are getting longer and nature is starting (and by that I mean SLOWLY starting) to awakening after a winter slumber.  Join everyone out there as they check out the spring nightlife at the Tifft Nature Preserve.  The event runs from 7:30pm to 9p on Wednesday.  Then on Friday head out to the Tifft for Spring Egg-stravaganza!  This event is great for the little ones!  Drop in for an egg-stremely fun time!   Yea you guessed it, the event is all about eggs!  Spend the afternoon learning about animals that hatch from eggs, make some spring themed crafts, meet and greet with live animals, and even dye some eggs too while you’re there.  It’s all happening on Friday from 10a to 12p.

Another fantastic activity that is always a hit with everyone is stopping out to the Penn Dixie Site in Blasdell.  Penn Dixie is helping to make Spring Break memorable this year!  Opening up march 29 to the 30th and April 1 to the 7th they will give you the chance to go fossil collecting.  Yeah that’s right you are going to have the chance to dig for dinosaur bones!  Bet you didn’t know we had a place like this in WNY!  The best part while you’re digging around and collecting all sorts of stuff you’ll even get to keep all of the 380 million year old fossils you find!  Pretty cool!  Check it out starting on March 29th the Penn Dixie Site in Blasdell.

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