Honestly, this is sick. 

Earlier this week, Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass deactivated his social media accounts, following backlash after he missed a potentially game-tying field goal in the NFL Divisional Round against the Kansas City Chiefs. There were thousands of comments left on Bass’s Instagram page within minutes of the game’s conclusion, and a majority of those comments were mean and nasty.

Unfortunately, you may have recognized some people in the comments section before the account was deleted, because there were a handful of loud, unempathetic Bills fans that voiced their disdain for the way the game played out, basically blaming Tyler Bass for the end result. 

However, the true ways of the Bills Mafia are unlike the loud minority of haters. True members of the Mafia donate to your favorite charity and go to never-before-seen lengths as a fanbase to uplift our players and make them feel supported. 

As a result, many Bills fans started donating to the Ten Lives Club, a local cat rescue and adoption shelter, to show their support for Bass. Within 48 hours, more than $180,000 was raised, and it wasn’t just the Bills Mafia donating to the cause. 

There were people around the world, including fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, that were donating to uplift Tyler Bass as much as they could. 

But don’t get it twisted: it was not only the Chiefs fans who did all the donating…like they are claiming. 

A Facebook page for the Kansas City fans wrote: 

While Bills Fans Are Sending Death Threats To Tyler Bass Chiefs Fans Are Sending Donations To His Charity.” 

The page also shared a tweet via X, taking credit for the over $100,000 worth of donations made to the Ten Lives Club.

One person in the comments said, “Good job kc! We're showing more love to the rival than their own fan base.

It’s pretty gross they feel like they had to make a point of that, but the heart of Buffalo knows the truth.

If you want to contribute to the donations, you can click here. Go Bills. 

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