The Ten Lives Club has been all over social media and the news after hundreds of people began donating in support of Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass. 

On January 21, the Buffalo Bills were competing in the NFL Divisional Round against the Kansas City Chiefs. These two teams are always competitive within the sport, and they become especially passionate when they face each other. 

However, in the final minutes of the game, the Buffalo Bills were down by 3 and needed to rely on Tyler Bass to kick a game-tying field goal to keep them in the game. Unfortunately, that kick went “wide right,” a term that lives on infamously in Western New York. 

As a result, many people expressed their disdain on Tyler Bass’s social media pages, which eventually led to him deleting his socials. There were a lot of hate comments, and some people have said that Bass received death threats. 

But in true Bills Mafia fashion, of course we are going to find your favorite charity and, as Pitbull said, “turn a negative into a positive.” 

In 2022, Bass worked with the Show Your Soft Side campaign where he teamed up with local cat rescue and adoption shelter, Ten Lives Club. The animal shelter showed compassion by shouting out their friend, and it led to a string of $22 donations to the organization. 

Within 72 hours, Ten Lives Club received over $270,000 in support of Tyler Bass. It’s pretty amazing to see the community coming together in typical Mafia fashion.

“We have not spoken to Tyler…we just hope that if he is seeing all of this, we hope that he knows how supported he is by thousands and thousands of people who are rooting for him,” the Public Relations Manager for Ten Lives Club, Kimberly LaRussa. “We hope he knows that he is making a huge difference for our cats.”

So many people have been donating to the organization that they were invited to be on the Today Show on Thursday, January 25. 

You can see the segment below!

If you would like to donate on behalf of Tyler Bass, you can do so here

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