This past weekend's weather was just about perfect. People were outside everywhere you went. From the parks to the grocery stores, people around New York State were taking advantage of the warm and dry conditions.

Did you get out? Maybe take a mini road trip? For those who love to grab Starbucks on their drive around New York, or for that morning walk, there is good news. Sure, Starbucks has been known for their coffee for decades. However, the drink menu is pretty vast and couple of the more famous drinks are coming to a store near you.

When we roll up to a Starbucks around Western New York, my wife does the ordering. I never seem to get it right and when it comes to getting the three kids their order, I am normally way off. I know they love the fruity drinks and cake pops. But I don't know what variety or flavor.

The good news is that the next time we shop for groceries, there is a chance for us to stock up on the kids' favorite drink. There are reports that the Starbucks drinks will now be available in stores at select locations in New York State.

The truth is, as I get older, the more I enjoy a simple cup off coffee. I recently went back to my roots and starting drinking instant coffee again. Perhaps it is the nostalgia of the days when I was a kid growing up in East Aurora, New York? The smell of instant coffee reminds me of being at the breakfast table with mom and dad. The taste is simple and I love it. Don't get me wrong, when we are on the go, it is either Starbucks or Tim Horton's for the win.

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