How often have we heard the phrase "City of Good Neighbors," when referring to the kind hearts of Buffalo.

We know that but unfortunately, this city has a stigma of snow, cold weather, failure of sports teams and lately, that passion for our sports teams overshadowing human decency.

That is absolutely not the case for many Bills fans and a story about that is starting to make the rounds on social media.

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Someone tweeted a screenshot of a message from a Pittsburgh Steelers fan in The Buffalo News this week. It was tagging Chris Brown, who hosts One Bills Live and tells the story of a Steelers fan who made the trip from Wisconsin to Orchard Park for the Steelers game at the Bills.

Matt Kottraba from Madison, WI (who was born and raised in Pittsburgh) had an accident 15 years ago and has been slowly losing strength in his legs, which make it difficult to walk. He wanted to attend one last Steelers game at the age off 66 and came to Orchard Park for Steelers at Bills in week 5.

The game did not go the way he wanted it to but as he was leaving, he lost strength tp make it up the steps...that's when Bills fans decided to stop what they were doing and help him up the stairs.

Kottraba was quoted in The Buffalo News by saying:

"Don't ever let anyone think the passion Buffalo has for their teams compromises their compassion for fellow humans,"

"If you ever get negative press for your fans, have them contact me; I will set them straight," added Kottraba.

How amazing is that? That is the best thing you'll read all year.

One Bills fan said he saw this take place at the game. He said over a dozen Bills fans were helping him get up the stairs.

Buffalo is in fact the "City of Good Neighbors."

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