After a tragic accident in Buffalo, New York killed four teenagers, lots of questions remain for parents everywhere.

But there is one thing that everyone continues to ponder, even weeks after the world-shaking car accident made national news.

How is it possible to steal a car without a key? Is my car safe? Are my kids safe?

On October 24, there were six people in a car that crashed in Buffalo just before 7 AM, according to WGRZ. Three died at the scene, and a fourth died at the hospital. The teenagers were between the ages of 14 and 17 years old. The other two people in the vehicle sustained serious injuries.

The crash is believed to be a result of a social media challenge, called the Kia Challenge, which grew in popularity on TikTok. It showed people how to steal any Kia made in the last 10 years without using a key, but rather a USB cord.
When KIA heard about the horrific tragedy in Buffalo, they released a statement:

In their statement, Kia pledged to work with local law enforcement by providing steering wheel locks as an optional safeguard to concerned 'steel-key' operated Kia vehicles.

These steering wheel locks are not mandatory for Kia vehicles, as some Kia owners have wondered, but they are strongly recommended if you want to protect your car.

Unfortunately, these affected Kia models are very easy to steal, and they have become a target by not just thieves, but also teenagers trying to mimic actions that have allowed some of their peers to “go viral.”

If you want a steering wheel lock for your Kia, or you know someone who might, the West Seneca Police Department still has some available, but they will likely go fast.

The post says:

“Come grab one before the snow starts flying. The Club could even double as a snow shovel in a pinch! Since 80's gadgets seem to be making a comeback we reached out to "The Clapper" to see if we could get a shipment of those too but no word yet.

Please bring the affected Kia vehicle (or the registration) and proof of residency to receive your free wheel lock.”

If you are a Kia vehicle owners and you have additional questions, you can contact the Consumer Assistance Center at: 1-800-333-4542.

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