Stefon Diggs is a man that will always return the favor, and he wants to do exactly that…but he needs your help.

You may have seen Diggs’ iconic celebration after his first touchdown against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, but you may not have realized that one Bills fan helped make Diggs’ celebration that much better. 

Diggs ran to the Bills fans in the front row at Highmark Stadium, and he grabbed two beers offered to him by a Bills fan. Instead of choosing to chug the beers, Diggs took the two cans and slammed them together. 

The celebration style reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin…how about you?

Diggs ended up scoring a total of three times in the process of #SquishingTheFish, helping to create quite a victory for the Bills, who defeated Miami with a score of 48-20. 

It’s unclear if Diggs had this celebration with the beer cans planned, but it seems likely – because he’s actually done this before

Spencer Brown handed Diggs a beer from Richard Donohue, a Bills fan from Batavia, back in December 2021, so Diggs could properly celebrate his touchdown – and the Bills fan looked shocked that his beer was taken. 

Diggs ended up tweeting about that beer in Dec. 2021 and how he wanted to repay the favor, and thanks to the help of Spencer Brown and the internet, Diggs was able to provide Donohue with several 30-packs of beer. 

After Diggs’ most recent touchdown-beer celebration, it looks like he wants to repay that Bills fan as well. 

According to a report from BillsWire, Diggs said, “I owe somebody like $18.” 

You can see Diggs’ full reaction to the touchdown celebration from the Bills Live clip below:

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