Tons of people have critiqued Stefon Diggs’ reaction to the Buffalo Bills’ lost over the weekend, but one piece of criticism was louder than most. 

One of the sports reporters for the Buffalo News, Jay Skurski, shared his thoughts via Twitter on Sunday, shortly after the game ended. 

“It is absolutely weak on Stefon Diggs’ part to leave the locker room before it’s open to the media. He’s a team captain and should uphold his responsibilities in that regard, instead of leaving it up to his teammates.”

It’s easier said than done, though. I mean, every member of the Mafia that was watching that game on Sunday felt sick with nausea, seeing the Bills play less than subpar in a game that would have been the notch in their belt they needed to carry them to the Super Bowl. 

Although Skurski limited the ability to respond to his tweet, someone asked him on another tweet if Skurski would be able to call Diggs "weak" to his face, and Skurski had quite the response.

Skurski continued on in the thread to the respondent, and in regards to Diggs, Skurski said:

"What’s he [Diggs] going to do? Fight me? He has a responsibility as a team captain that he hasn’t been living up too. I’m sorry that mild criticism makes you so irrationally upset. But hey, maybe he’ll see this and you’ll become BFFs."

Stefon Diggs has been receiving a lot of heat following the game, and he responded to these critiques via Twitter on Monday. 

He’s got a point.

I mean, maybe he could have handled his frustrations differently, but I don’t think that’s really our call to make. We may have watched the game, but Diggs lived it. 

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