When you think of insanely expensive homes in America, you usually think of Southern California, South Florida, Texas, or some huge city.

Turns out, plenty of crazy expensive homes are located right here in New York State. Sure, many of them are in New York City, but right now, the most expensive home for sale in the state is upstate -- over an hour from New York City.

Located on Mahopac Ave. in Granite Springs, NY, this home listed for sale on Zillow comes with a $100,000,000 million price tag!

The 28,000-square-feet property called Stonewall Farm features 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a ridiculous amount of space inside.

The listing says this is "Westchester's largest equestrian estate, dedicated to raising championship thoroughbred horses."

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It's clear this property is meant to dazzle you inside and out. Check out some of the photos, courtesy of Zillow!

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