As if we don't have enough to worry about, now there is something else to add to the list for those who own a home in New York State this fall.

Maybe you paid the school tax bill and have gotten the pool closed and summer stuff put away? The snowblower is ready and you are set for whatever Mother Nature might throw our way. But before you sit and relax, look around the house and especially the attic.

The weather this past summer was certainly one to remember. From floods to hot and dry weather, there was a little bit of everything scattered across the Empire State. It may have made for ideal conditions for...stink bugs!

Stink bugs are back and from what we have seen, they are back in large numbers and that has us holding our noses.

According to

Homeowners often find stink bugs inside during the late summer months as well as autumn, when temperatures outside start to drop. Finding large numbers of live or dead stink bugs is a telltale sign of an infestation. Stink bugs will turn up on sunny sides of homes where they warm themselves. Growers often detect an infestation by the damage they cause to their crops.

What can you do? We normally find them in the attic area or around the fireplace and windows. I try to remove them when I see them but there are ways to deal with them. The ideal way is most likely a professional pest control company. However, the internet is loaded with hacks to keep them out of the house.

Virginia Tech News reports that:

Researchers from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences found that the best way to get rid of stink bugs is to fill a foil roasting pan with water and dish soap and put a light over the pan to attract them.

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