Residents and neighbors in the Springville, New York area are on the lookout for a calf that has been reportedly taken from a near by farm. There is a photo and post on Facebook that has been circulating and any information is helpful.

Facebook Colden Neighbors
Facebook Colden Neighbors

If you have information please call 716 425 1556

According to the report, the calf was taken just hours after it was born on Boston Colden Rd. There is a reward being offered for the return of the calf.

Dairy farmers are really feeling the crunch and pressure these days as inflation and high fuel prices attack their bottom line. Many of these farms in Western New York are family owned for generations and they are doing all they can to just break even in most cases. A calf is a very valuable asset to a farm and this is a huge loss if the calf is not returned.

The summer heat has returned to Western New York and the heat and humidity put extra stress on dairy cows and farmers. As farmers are trying make sure they keep up with the everyday work, they are also doing their best to keep their cows cool and comfortable to make them as productive as possible. Farmers are the backbone of the community and they shouldn't have to worry about thieves taking their animals on top of what could be the hardest economy for farms in decades.

If you have any information about this calf or have seen any suspicious activity in the area, contact the Erie County Sheriff or call the number listed in the Facebook post above.

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