Really? You can’t be serious. 

There were photos and videos shared on various social media platforms of people looting and robbing stores around Western New York following the Christmas Blizzard of 2022. 

While there were many social media posts spreading awareness of the crimes, there was one photo that perhaps received the most attention online.

The Gumball Gangster.

Local law enforcement asks that if you have any information about the “Gumball Gangster,” please contact them immediately. 

It looks like there may be a clue as to where that gumball machine went, or at least where it ended up. 

A listing went up on Wednesday night on Facebook Marketplace near Buffalo, New York that ironically featured a familiar-looking item. 

A gumball machine. 

Now, could it be a coincidence? Yes. It could be…but it really does look like it might be the same gumball machine as the one that was being wheeled away by the “Gumball Gangster.” 

Kel Soprano from Buffalo, New York shared a screenshot of the Facebook listing. 

Now compare that to the other image.

Do you think they could be the same?

If they are, you would think that the person would try to make more than just $10 from it, but who knows?

It hasn’t been confirmed as to whether or not that is the same gumball machine that was looted in Buffalo, New York just days before; however, that listing on Facebook Marketplace has since been removed….which really makes you wonder, “Why?”

If you have any information in regards to the looting and the robberies that have happened around Western New York, contact your local law enforcement. 

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