Every single morning, we do the traffic on WYRK and ONCE in a while there will be a holdup on the 90 because something is in the middle of the road that shouldn't be there. When we say shouldn't be there--it's usually something bizarre that has fallen off of someone's truck.

Some of the weirdest/strangest things that have been found on the 90 during rush hour:

-A dresser

-Poo (literal waste fell on the 90 and made a big backup)

-Blue Light

-Mattresses (this happens more than you would actually think).

-A jetski. Around 2009 a jetski, that was not secured, flew down the 90 off of someone's trailer. A truck hit the jetski right afterwards, but thankfully, everyone was okay.

-Coffee K-cups

-Deer hooves (during deer season, a truck that was carrying parts spilled out and hooves were found all over the road).

-Milk. A ton of cartons spilled out all of the thruway. As you can imagine it was a disaster.

-A bunch of doors. Someone who must have been renovating the house had a ton of doors from a home that spilled. Just like your bedroom door. But over a dozen of them.

If you have ever wondered why the 90 is actually in fact THE 90, look no further. Our friend Brett Alan came to the rescue with the answer on our website:

Most roads that go north and south were numbered with odd numbers.  Roads that go east and west were numbered with even numbers.  Interstate majors that run east west are double-digit numbers that end in zero.  And if you look at the majors across the country, the most southern major that goes from Jacksonville to Santa Monica is named I-10.  They go up in increments of 10 as you go north.  Because the 90 is the furthest north of the majors, it's obviously named I-90", according to the article. You can find out the naming strategy behind 3-digit highways as well.

What is the weirdest thing that you have ever seen on the roads in Western New York?

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