It's tough to come up with costumes every year that are perfect for Halloween.  But there's help available.

I mean, come many more years are you going to try to use that sheet that you cut eye holes out of?'re a ghost...again?  (insert the eye roll emoji here)

If you're looking for a costume that's spooky or maybe one that's a little more on the funny side this website will help.  Maybe you're looking for something trendy...but you don't want to go dressed like everyone else, you should check this site out.  It's called Frightgeist and it's your perfect costume wizard.

It's done by examining people's google searches.  So it's not just a survey that people took in the mall.  It's actual searches that people have done broken down by costume and region.

You can either browse the most popular costume ideas to come up with something, or if you already know what you want to be, type it in the search bar and see how popular it is nationally.

You can even check to see what the most searched costume is in your area.  For example, here in Buffalo, the most searched for costume is a witch.  So you will probably see a bunch of those this year.


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