We already knew Buffalo was great, but now it’s looking super!

A familiar intersection in Buffalo, New York recently got a bit of a makeover, and we love it. 

As you drive through Buffalo’s East Side, you may have passed the intersection of Clark St. and Kent St., which sounds a lot like a superhero we know when you say it together. (*ahem* Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman).

Well, it looks a little different this week. 

It’s a bird! No wait, it’s a….plane! Wait…is that Superman?

Wait! It’s SUPER JOSH! 

We found out on Wednesday morning that Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week following the team’s win against the Miami Dolphins 32-29. 

In the game, Josh Allen had 25 of 40 passes, with four passing touchdowns and 10 carries for over 75 yards. 

To honor him, it looks like we have created a Super Josh, which is currently flying over the Clark St. and Kent St. intersection on the East Side of Buffalo. 

The Bills Mafia is cool. We always find unique ways to honor our love for our team. Remember when Josh Allen had another one of his epic hurdles, and it changed the way Hertel Ave. in Buffalo looked for a while?

We took a cut out of Josh Allen’s hurdle against the Kansas City Chiefs, and we added it to the Hertel Ave. street sign. 

The Bills are headed into their next game on Christmas Eve in Chicago to take on the bears. 

Let’s Go Buffalo! Bring us a win for Christmas!

11 Pictures of Why We Love Josh Allen

11 Pictures of Why We Love Josh Allen

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After noticing the change to the NFLtwitter page, Bills Mafia jumped on Facebook to talk through the possibility of Josh Allen’s iconic jump becoming the new logo for the sport. 

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