Pigs have always been known to be incredibly smart, and they are widely considered to be the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world. 

They are so intelligent with incredible object-location memory, the ability to play video games, and function at the same level as a 3-year-old child. 

That’s just one of the reasons why the breed of “wild super pigs” coming into the United States can be dangerous.

These super pigs can cause crop damage, destroy natural environments, infiltrate cities, contaminate the water, and most noteworthy: spread diseases to humans, pets, livestock, and any other wildlife, according to Fox

They call this breed “super pigs” because they are a rare cross between a European wild boar and a domestic pig. Originally, these pigs were crossbred to help the pigs on the farm grow a little bigger and better withstand the cold temperatures that are typical for Canada. 

However, the fact that these pigs can withstand unfavorable conditions actually proves to be a huge issue because it means that while the pigs will survive and thrive, other native species probably won’t. 

But now, these super pigs are posing to be a real threat to Americans, according to Dr. Ryan Brook, the head of the University of Saskatchewan’s Canadian Wild Pig Research Project. 

“Wild hogs feed on anything,” Dr. Ryan Brook said. “They gobble up tons and tons of goslings and ducklings in the spring. They can take down a whitetail deer, even an adult. “

“It’s become clear that they’re threatening our whitetail deer, elk, and especially, waterfowl. Not to mention the crop damage,” Dr. Brook said. 

Some of these “super pigs” have been found to weigh up to 600 pounds or more. 

Dr. Brook suggests a rapid and aggressive response when it comes to eradicating the pigs. He called it “the only option,” because “once the pigs get established, you will have them for another 500 years.” 

While some reports have called these pigs “invincible,” Dr. Ryan Brook went on Twitter to dispute that claim.

The pigs are considered to be an invasive species with no natural predators, as there are no native pigs in Canada. They appear to be on the move towards states like Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan. 

If the pigs can reach Michigan, it makes you wonder if New York state might be at risk, specifically Western New York, since we are so close to the border. 

You can follow Dr. Ryan Brook on Twitter for the most current updates. 

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