It is time to let your fingers do the walking. Who remembers that line from years ago? It may not be a Throwback Thursday, but when I got a phone book delivered to the house this week, it sure felt like the old days.

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Don't get me wrong. I am a fan of the old school. I like things a little tech and a little more simple than we have then these days. But when I saw the new phone book waiting for us at our mailbox this week, even I was asked...but why? When we grew up, the phone book was the go to for looking up a company's number or even the address for a place or person you need to send something to. But now, we have everything we could ever need, right in the palm of our hands with our phone.

I understand that there are many who don't have the resources that most of us have. Using a phone book may be the only way to get a number for someone. But it does beg the question, are cell phone numbers published in a phone book? Turns out, some are!

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A clear benefit to the phone book arriving, at least in a savvy shopper's eyes, is that it had a great amount of money saving coupons that you can clip out and use at local stores and restaurants. The old school way of doing things is still alive in some aspects, even in late 2021! Look for the newest phone book arriving soon in your neighborhood!

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