The heat and humidity are starting to rise again this week, so be prepared with the most insane inventions we found on the internet to help you stay cool.

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Most women know the summer dread of boob sweat. You know, the painfully cheerful looking smile-shaped sweat stains that prevent most C-cups and above from wearing certain tops on hot days?

Delish reported on these boob cubes -- I mean, the Cool58 Bra Coolers, which are cooling pack inserts for your bra.

Aside from seeking relief on hot days, I'm mentally making a list of every lady I know who gets hot flashes and putting this on their Christmas list.

You can check them out here.

Next up is the ChiliPad, available from Amazon. Think of this like a reverse heated blanket. The ChiliPad works using "an adjustable, water-based system to regulate the surface temperature of your existing mattress by actively circulating water through silicone micro-tubes in the pad, providing a more comfortable sleeping environment," according to the manufacturer.

Basically, it's like sleeping on the cold side of the pillow, if your entire bed was the cold side of a pillow.

And not to leave out the guys (or the gals who don't mind having ice straight-up strapped to your chest), here's the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest from Amazon. I have so many questions, and my first one is how fast can it ship?

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