Yesterday many parents and student-athletes in the Sweet Home school district got the news that they were hoping for. In an emergency meeting of the Board of Education, most fall sports were given the go-ahead to play this Fall.

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The Governors' guidelines for High School Athletics allowed teams to start practicing on Monday, September 21st, and most schools in Western New York were following that guideline date. One of the schools not was Sweet Home, which is where my son Avry plays soccer. Last week the Board of Education rejected the superintendent's recommendation that Fall sports start on Monday and voted to cancel sports for the Fall season.

As you can imagine, this did not sit well with the student-athletes and parents of those athletes. Several team captains came together and wanted to plead their case to the Board of Education on why sports should be allowed.

The board called a special meeting yesterday to hear from the students, parents, the public, and staff from the Sweet Home School District.

After the meeting, the board agreed to accept the new proposed plan for allowing some Fall sports including Men's and Women's soccer, field hockey, Men's and Women's cross country, Tennis, and Golf.

The board rejected having gymnastics this fall and allowing for modified sports to be played in the middle school. They plan to revisit those plans at a later date.


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