Buffalo, New York was one of the first cities to celebrate Sweetest Day, but some people get confused: what is the difference between Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day? 

There’s actually a big difference between the two, including how each of the holidays got their start. 

Valentine’s Day has been around for way longer than Sweetest Day, with the first Valentine’s Day celebration being held in the year 496.  It is typically seen as a celebration of romance, whereas Sweetest Day can express love or appreciation towards anyone

Many people believe that the day started in Buffalo, and while we were one of the first places to celebrate it, another city is credited with the origin of Sweetest Day. 

Back in 1922, a Cleveland candy maker named Herbert Birch Kingston decided to give candy and small gifts to the city’s orphans, who were often forgotten and neglected. He gave these little gifts to those who often felt like they were forgotten by society in hopes of bringing some happiness to their lives. 

With the help of friends and neighbors, he distributed these small remembrances on a Saturday in October.  Eventually, other Clevelanders began to participate in the tradition, which came to be known as "Sweetest Day.”


After talking to the owners of a few local candy shops in Western New York, they informed me that  Sweetest Day is a way for local business owners to bring in some more customers during a month that is historically low with foot traffic. That’s another big reason why Sweetest Day is widely celebrated in Western New York, as many of us like to support local businesses. 

To celebrate Sweetest Day, you can get candy from one of your favorite locally owned candy shops! From classic milk chocolate bars to sponge candy and more, you can choose whatever candy you would like when it comes to expressing your love and appreciation for others. 

If you need help deciding on which candy shop to choose, take a look at the top 10 candy shops in Western New York for Sweetest Day. 

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