Dale Mussen

Dale Mussen's Surprising Buffalo Bills Revelation
Is it just a way of life for Buffalo Bills fans to expect mediocrity?  I never set my expectations too high with the Bills so that I'm never disappointed.  But I have to admit I expected a bit more from the team in their dismal loss to the Baltimore Ravens.
Take A Trip Back To Dale Mussen's Kindergarten Class
As kids head back to school this week it made me think about my very first day in school.  For some reason my first day of kindergarten is very clear to me.  I can remember the anticipation and for a little kid, even the anxiety.  I can remember looking out the front window of the school bus and see…
Swiss Chalet Sauce Flavored Potato Chips
I'm a man on a mission. I want to try the newest Lay's Potato Chips flavor by the end of the week.  Swiss Chalet Sauce Chips.  Are you kidding me?  I'm not sure what I like better - Swiss Chalet's chicken or the sauce.  Problem is you have to cross the border …
Clay, Dale and Liz Share Back-to-School Memories
Clay, Dale and Liz get ready for the first day of school in Buffalo, NY, with the Hanson family in Orchard Park and share memories of their first days of school and how their families handled the day. What do you think? Were Clay, Dale and Liz excited for their first day of school when they wer…
Snack Shack Anticipation
I'm always willing to give a new place a try especially when it's almost noon on a nice sunny day.  So "Snack Shack Now Open" is bait for me.
Weird Vacation
It was supposed to be two weeks of rest and relaxation, but it didn't turn out that way.  I'm back from California where I spent most of my time attending to some of my dad's medical issues. He fell and broke his hip early in June, and he's progressing well from that. There …
Dale and Liz Cause Trouble
We weren't around for the surprise they had for us in the office yesterday so when we came across a popcorn machine in the kitchen we assumed it was ours – this is what happened.
Foot Longs At Ted's
Cooking hot dogs is almost an art at Ted's.  The charcoal fire is the key to the incredible flavor and texture of a Ted's hot dog.  And so is the way it's cooked.
Vernal Equinox Egg Trick!
Have you heard of this trick? On the equinoxes, you can stand an egg straight up with no assistance. Even though the vernal equinox was yesterday (Sunday, March 20th), we thought we would give it a shot today. See how well we did!

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