Died From Cancer
Jeopardy contestant Cindy Stowell passed away nearly three weeks ago, but she keeps appearing every night on Jeopardy! In fact, you may have caught her tonight. Stowell died the week before her appearance on the game show was broadcast, but the champ still lives on to play each night...
Buffalo On Jeopardy
I like to watch the Wheel/Jeopardy combo at night and sometimes I actually catch the show and obviously prove to be better than the people on the show (don't we Last night Buffalo was featured in the "World's Fairs" category. I thought it was a gimmie for WNY,…
Classic Prank
If you missed Wednesday's episode of Jeopardy!, you missed a moment that will go down in the show's history.
Alex Trebek Fresh Rhymes
We know Alex Trebek is super he is really good at reading off his cue cards. LOL! Not only is he well versed in history and literature, but he has the arts covered too! Watch him bust out his rapping skills for this answer!

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