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Will He Keep Tyrod Taylor?
Wellllllll we were punk'd.
It seems like it finally got to Terry Pegula--the criticism of the Buffalo Bills, the label of being 'dysfunctional' and social media attacking the Bills' management and ownership the past few weeks.
Wednesday afternoon, he decided to hold a press confere…
Terry Pegula Offended
The Pegula's will introduce the 20th head coach of the Buffalo Bills today at New Era Field at twoo'clock, but will not be taking any questions afterwards. Instead, they will leave Sean McDermott to do so, himself.
In weeks after Rex Ryan's firing and Doug Whaley's less-than-impressive end-of-year pr…
Can the Pegula's help bring Uber to Buffalo?
Every time an artist or label representative visits Buffalo they are surprised to find out that Buffalo, NY is without the popular service known as 'Uber'.
After two Buffalo Bills players, Jerry Hughes and Zach Brown, had the need for Uber in Baltimore where they played yesterday, the GM of Uber wrot…
First Niagara Center to Be Renamed Before 2016 Sabres Season
We know it's been talked about for months now, but the First Niagara Center, home of the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bandits will have its name changed before the 2016-2017 Buffalo Sabres season begins.
Introducing: Key Bank Center
NEW: Officials say the First Niagara Center will be renamed to Key…
Cost How Much?
Someone jumped on the chance, when the Key Bank-First Niagara merger was in the initial stage, to start the Twitter account @Keybankcenter. Obviously, knowing that once it was official, nobody, not even the Buffalo Sabres, could have it – not easily anyway...
Which NHL Players Are From Buffalo, NY? [LIST]
Who has played in the NHL from Buffalo?
Buffalo, who has taken over the title of Hockeytown USA as of late, surely has owned that title. After the Pegula's taking over the Buffalo Sabres, a lot of changes have been made, but there has always been a fair share of talent that has come out of Weste…
Uh, Oh Whaley
Usually, in high profile player decisions in the NFL, the owners are involved in the decision. Now, each organization is different, but it seems as though Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley may have cut Fred Jackson without getting the approval from Terry and Kim...
Sabres Part Ways With Ted Black
Ted Black has been the president of the Buffalo Sabres since Terry Pegula bought the team.  However, The Buffalo Sabres announced that they have parted ways with him today.
Why He's the Man
This is why this guy is the man. He may be 'Mr. Buffalo', but the Mayor of Pegulaville is the most down-to-earth, normal guy you could possibly meet.
Tweets To Terry
Donald Trump is quite blunt.
The people of Buffalo should be happy Terry Pegula got the team but I hope he does better w/the Bills than he has w/the Sabres. Good luck!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 13, 2014
Even though I refused to pay a ridiculous price for the Buffalo Bills…

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