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5 Best Wedding Entrances Down The Church Aisle
What's the best wedding entrance songs for the church? Looking to go down the church aisle in style at your wedding? There's a little something for everyone here if you don't want to do the traditional and beautiful slow stroll down the aisle to your groom...
5 Best Wedding Reception Entrances Of All Time
What are the best wedding reception entrance songs there are? Looking for good wedding entrance dances? Well, over the years, people have gotten more creative, but we have found you the best wedding entrances you need to consider if you need an idea.
Can y...
Wedding Cards?
It's 2015 and things have changed, but have the 'rules of thumb' changed?
Is there really a right or wrong answer to this? Overall, it's what you feel most comfortable giving, but here are a few factors to consider.
Receive A Bill
It happens all the time. People either RSVP for a wedding and just don't show, or the opposite, they don't RSVP and they DO show up. What do you do if you're that bride or groom and you've got to pay for the count you give your venue? This couple decided to pass the cost on to th…
Yes Or No?
It's wedding season.  If you have been lucky enough to plan a wedding this summer or fall, chances are you've had to deal with this dilemma.  Do we invite kids to the reception or not? depends.
Need A First Dance Song?
You’ve been engaged now for a while. You set the date. You met with the banquet hall and booked your DJ. Now he wants to have a meeting to go over your song choices. But you have no idea what you want to dance to!!
No worries. We’ve got your back…again.
Best Wedding Venues in 2017
If you're looking for the coolest spot for a wedding reception in Buffalo, these eight are all different yet some of the most beautiful spots in Western New York.
Whether you're looking for a beautiful ballroom, a Tuscan style venue, an outside setting or at a historic building like Babeville downtow…