Just about everything we use and need these days has had some sort of price increase. It doesn't make it any easier to swallow when you hear the various excuses of why that might be. From inflation to shortages, there are a few things that have lead to the prices we are seeing in 2023.

Most people don't mind a little more for some of the conveniences that we have these days. However, when the government starts slapping added fees and taxes to these things, anger starts to settle in. The big question seems to be; where does the money go or get used for?

Here in New York State, we all understand that taxes will always be high and anything is taxable and now there are talks in Albany that your next Uber or Lyft ride may be more expensive.

The rumor is that the taxes, if put in place, would be collected and used for roads around New York State. But you have to wonder if the roads will ever get fixed. The registration fees that are collected alone have to amount for a huge cash intake in New York State. Not to mention the other fees and taxes that we pay.

While we are getting ready for spring, the cost of gas has already started to climb here in New York State. This summer could be an expensive couple of months for traveling.

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