Whoever said "it always snows in Buffalo," should pay us a visit this week! The wet and dreary weather has taken a back seat and the sunshine is bright for the next couple of days!

The last two dates that Buffalo was in the 80's officially was April 8th and October 23!

The forecast for Buffalo and Western New York over the next few days calls for us to reach at least 80 in the city and there is a good chance that the mercury will climb higher as you get further away from Lakes Erie and Ontario.

The pools are open in many backyards around Western New York and will be pretty busy as the afternoon highs get near summertime warmth. The mask mandates are being lifted and outdoor dining curfews and guidelines are changing, this will also be the perfect day or perfect few days, to have some lunch or dinner on one of the many great patios that we have around Buffalo!

There is a chance for a thunderstorm to pass through this weekend and honestly, we could use some rain. From farms, to creeks and stream and wells, things are getting a little too dry in some areas!

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