Dogs are one of life's treasures. They are something we don't deserve, but offer us unconditional love, attention and companionship. They're truly amazing.

Being a dog owner most of his life, I can say dogs have made life far better. My wife and I adopted a beagle/pitbull mix named Odessa in 2018. She's the sweetest dog we have ever seen and has been nothing but incredible since she entered out life.

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It has to be a scary and awful feeling if your dog goes missing.

The uncertainty of where he or she is, and having to spend time searching for your dog is something I wish nobody ever had to go through, especially if that dog has been a part of your life for a long time.

That happened to a man from Texas, who lost his dog. But the story has an amazing and happy ending.

According to the Niagara SPCA, Kenneth Green's dog Brussar, a beautiful pitbull, went missing on January 26th.

Green put up flyers and spent over a month looking for Brussar. The dog was microchipped yet nothing was coming up...until recently, when Brussar was discovered in Lewiston, New York and taken to the Niagara SPCA.

Yes, Brussar was found 1,500 miles away from where he originally went missing.

Green drove from Killeen, Texas to Lewiston, New York to pick up and reunite with Brussar.

How incredible is that? Nobody knows how Brussar made it halfway across the country but the good news is that he was found and found safe.

Microchipping your dog helps locate if and when your pet goes missing. This was a big reason why Brussar was able to be reunited with his owner.

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