With snow on the ground and past the halfway point of January, it seems like a worthwhile time to look back at the 10 snowiest winters on record in Buffalo.

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The numbers are courtesy of the National Weather Service. Note that these numbers are from Buffalo, so record snowfall in the south towns and southern tier are not reflected.

  1. 1976-1977 - 199.4 inches
  2. 2000-2001 - 158.1
  3. 1977-1978 - 154.3
  4. 1995-1996 - 141.1
  5. 1983-1984 - 132.5
  6. 2001-2002 - 132.4
  7. 2013-2014 - 129.9
  8. 1909-1910 - 126.4
  9. 1957-1958 - 124.7
  10. 1944-1945 - 120.7

No surprise that the winter that consisted of the Blizzard of '77 is at number one. 150 inches of the nearly 200 inches of snow had already fallen by the time the blizzard begun in late January and it set off one of the biggest weather events in Western New York history.

I do remember the 2000-2001 winter, even as a little kid I remember getting a handful of snow days and it's hard to be granted snow days in Buffalo!

"Snowvember" (November of 2014) is not listed because of the 7-8 feet of snow that fell was south of the city. That record lake effect snow happened the week before Thanksgiving.

...and of course, can't go an entire article of snowfall without mentioning the October Surprise Storm of 2006. Many people in WNY were without power for days after the record-setting snowfall knocked down countless trees and power lines.

You can see the full records of past Buffalo winters at the National Weather Service's website.

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