It happens at just about every wedding go up to request your favorite song and the DJ says, "sorry...the bride said no to that one."

It happens all the time.  Brides and grooms are paying a lot to make sure their wedding reception goes just the way they envisioned it in their minds.  So if they want to say no to a song, who is to argue.

So what are the songs that are most often taken off the playlist of DJs at weddings?

I could probably name a bunch.

Website asked DJ's what songs were nixed from their playlists the most and this is what they came up with:

1.  "The Chicken Dance" . . . 23.1%


2.  "The Cha-Cha Slide", DJ Casper . . . 22.5%


3.  "Macarena", Los Del Rio . . . 17.6%


4.  "The Cupid Shuffle", Cupid . . . 16.5%


5.  "YMCA", Village People . . . 15.4%


6.  "Electric Boogie (Electric Slide)", Marcia Griffiths . . . 12.6%


7.  "Hokey Pokey" . . . 10.4%


8.  "Wobble", V.I.C. . . . 7.1%


9.  (Tie) "Happy" by Pharrell . . . 5.5%

(Tie) "Shout" by the Isley Brothers . . . 5.5%


11.  "Love Shack", The B-52s . . . 4.9%


12.  "We Are Family", Sister Sledge . . . 4.4%


13.  (Tie) "Blurred Lines", Robin Thicke . . . 3.8%

(Tie) "Celebration", Kool & the Gang

(Tie) "Cotton Eye Joe", Rednex

(Tie) "Dancing Queen", ABBA

(Tie) "Don't Stop Believin'", Journey

(Tie) "Single Ladies", Beyoncé

(Tie) "Sweet Caroline", Neil Diamond

(Tie) "Turn Down for What", DJ Snake and Lil Jon

(Tie) "Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)", Silentó


22.  (Tie) "Hot in Herre", Nelly . . . 2.7%

(Tie) "Mony Mony", Billy Idol


What do you think?  Do you hate it when these songs get played at weddings?  Or do you miss them if they aren't played?


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Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)
Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)

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