When I was a kid, I used to keep track of which roads that wasted our time the most when my dad was driving. Growing up in the northtowns, we had a lot of awful roads and intersections to drive through.

There might be nothing more frustrating than driving and having to sit at a light for what seems like an eternity. You may even have to wait two or three light sequences to finally get through the intersection.

I recently took a trip to Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, and they definitely have worse traffic jams than Buffalo does...but, it certainly won't stop people from complaining about just how long they have to wait at some of the time consuming intersections in Western New York.

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You probably have some in your mind already.

The five corners in Orchard Park has to be one of the first that you think of. It's become famous because of the design and how busy it gets. My dad will go at any length to go around it.

But what about some others? Here are seven intersections in Western New York that we have wasted the most time at over the years.

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