The perfect day for your wedding is going to cost you! According to TheKnot, the average wedding cost is now up 8% from last year. This was the 10th annual survey from The Knot in which they surveyed "nearly 13,000 real brides and grooms across America." Their studied concluded that in 2016 couples averaged $35,329 for their wedding AND that's not including the honeymoon.

Don't panic too much, The Knot also points out that it's all about location when it comes to cost, "Tying the knot in, say, Manhattan could cost an average of $78,464, while an Arkansas wedding will average at $19,522."

Other notable facts from the study concluded that couple average about 141 wedding guests and spend about $245 on each of them. Also, when it comes to costs the breakdown of who is shelling out the money - the bride's parents pay for 44% of the wedding while the couple pays for 42% of it on their own. The groom's parents pick up the remaining amount. So it looks like it pays to have boys! See more figures on individual costs for items in the wedding HERE.

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