It's the moment that young football players dream of.  Their name is called at the NFL Draft.  They get to come on stage and put on that cap for the first time.

Some of them like to give the commissioner a high five or a huge bear hug.  But most settle for the handshake and the cap.  Their lives are about to change forever.  In many cases, they just became millionaires with just one phone call.  Putting on that cap and holding up that jersey is a symbol of them joining the elite players of the NFL.

So what will the new cap look like for players that join the Buffalo Bills this year?

The hats will be made by New Era and will be a combination of course of red, white and blue.  The blue visor is flat and the rest of the hat is a combination of black mesh with a gray front.  A patch is on the front that simply says "Buffalo Bills" with the charging buffalo at the top.  The NFL shield is on the back of the hat in red and blue.

Last year, the draft was held virtually and that moment of getting the hat and the jersey on stage was taken away from many of the players.  In many cases, when the pick was revealed to us, the players had already had their moment of excitement and were texting family and friends.  So they didn't look as excited as most would expect.

This year, if the Bills don't trade up or down to change their position, they will have the 30th pick in the draft.


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