The Buffalo Sabres have not had a good past decade. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2011 and have finished dead-last in the NHL standings multiple times since then, including 2020-2021.

The Sabres struggled in all facets of the game, especially defensively and goaltending. Captain Jack Eichel was injured most of the season with a herniated disk in his neck and there’s doubts he even plays with Buffalo again, amid trade rumors.

There was good news for the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday night, however.

The Sabres won the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery and will pick first-overall in the 2021 NHL Draft on July 23rd.

The Sabres went into the drawing with just over a 16 percent chance to win the lottery. It’s the second time in three years the Sabres have won the lottery. They won in 2018 with again, the best odds, and drafted defenseman Rasmus Dahlin.

The expansion franchise Seattle Kracken will pick second.

There isn’t a clear-cut number one pick in this year’s draft class but fans are happy the Sabres will get the first crack at the pool of talented prospects to choose from. The big question is will Buffalo go with a forward or defenseman?

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I think an argument can be made for any position or player on this team, but if Eichel gets traded, then I think a star forward will be very much needed on this team, although they could use another stud defenseman to team up with Dahlin.

We shall see!

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