This thing has been in the works for awhile now but I haven't seen anyone who has one yet.  If you've ever wished you could use your phone in the pool or the bath without having to use your insurance to get a new one, the Cicret bracelet could be for you!

This cool bracelet allows you to use your phone with a projection right on your arm!  You have to see this thing to understand how it works!

A few questions that we thought of here...How well does it work in the sun?  Would it be affected if you had a tattoo?  How good can the phone calls sound if you're all the way across the room and using it on speaker?

It's still cool.  It is very futuristic and would probably be coolest when you're just sitting either in the couch or like they showed, it the bath tub.  I'm just not sure who has much time anymore to spend in the bath.