Ok, now that school has been in session for about a week and a half all parents know what is coming back...The KRUD!!

Yep...it has already taken down a couple of people here at the radio station including my son Avry who stayed home from school today.

Anytime you get thousands of kids interacting, the "KRUD" will happen. So here are some tips to avoid the common cold and flu this season from WebMD.

1. Wash Your Hands....A LOT!! This is the easiest and best way to avoid spreading germs.

2. Keep your area clean...making sure that you wipe down your keyboard, phones, etc... will help your chances of avoiding the krud!

3. Avoid people who are sick...sure this is the toughest one to do because if you are at work or school where do you go? If you can't avoid everyone, make sure you are doing tips one and two!!

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