Last November and December, The Mandalorian was the show everyone was talking about. The hit Star Wars show on Disney+ debuted on November 12th of 2019 to rave reviews.

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We have all been waiting for the return of a second season and today, Disney+ announced on Twitter that The Mandalorian would return with new episodes on October 30th.

The show is centered around a bounty hunter named Din Djarin, who goes by The Mandalorian or "Mando."

The show also centers around an infant alien simply named, "The Child." Its most popular name among fans and pop culture is "Baby Yoda," since it's a much younger version of the same species as a wise Yoda from the Star Wars trilogy.

I can't wait for season two. The Mandalorian was pretty much everything Star Wars fans want. Its action is only rivaled by its suspense and the characters, both recurring and those for one-off episodes, were enthralling.

The sky's the limit for this show and there's talk of more Star Wars shows coming to Disney+ eventually.

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