What's the most infuriating thruway in Buffalo? Or Western New York in general?

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I think it depends on what thruway you use most often and what time of day you use it. Plenty of good options out there:

  • 90
  • 190
  • 290
  • 33
  • 400
  • 990

I most often use the 190 and 90. Luckily, I don't drive as often during peak drive time as others (hello overnights!) but I have experience driving on all of these thruways since I got my license nearly a decade ago.

While the 290 was a pain in my side when I lived in Amherst, the 90 thruway from the 290 interchange to the 219-split will forever have my heart for least favorite thruway in Western New York.

The big blue water tower is definitely one of the worst areas but that whole stretch, going past the Walden Galleria Mall, all the way to the 219 can be stop-and-go, especially if there's an accident.

What's your least favorite thruway in Buffalo?

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