Yup...we just finished Super Bowl LIV and we are already looking forward to next season.  But odds makers aren't giving much love to the Bills...again.

The day after the Super Bowl all teams are undefeated.  And as a football fan, it kind of feels like your team is re-born a little bit.  So, although it's not new, it's kind of depressing to see that odds makers still feel like your team is just in the middle of the pack.

The odds that the Bills will win Super Bowl LV (55) are at 35/1 or to say it differently, there are 16 more teams that are more likely to take the Lombardi trophy home next year instead of the Bills.  They are 17th on the list.

Are the Bills the team to bet on in 2020?

They were the underdog in most games in the 2019 season and still went 10-6 and came in 2nd place in the AFC East.  Maybe it's that chip on their shoulder that is helping them to want to prove people wrong again.

We will find out next season if the odds makers have a crystal ball and are really right, or if they're just guessing.  If you Bill-ieve, now might be the time to place your bets.

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