Looking for a gag gift?  Got someone that loves gifts that are just the weirdest things you can find?  You gotta check these ones out.  They're some of the strangest gifts I could find on Amazon.com.

These are real things you can buy.  Don't believe me?  Click the title to go to the page.



  • 1

    Yodeling Pickle

    The description on this actually says, "Great gift for the person who has everything except a yodeling pickle."  I'm not sure who would need one.  But if you've got someone on your list looking for it, you can find it here.

  • 2

    Albino pet rock with Walking Leash

    You've seen a pet rock before.  But have you ever seen an albino one?  Now you have and you can even own one.  And you're welcome.

  • 3

    Nose Shaped Soap Dispenser

    Yes...now you too can feel like you're washing your hands with what looks like other people's snot.  How lucky!

  • 4

    Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

    Got a friend with way too many cats?  Want to tell them not so subtly that you're worried about them?  It's The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure!

  • 5

    Dancing with Jesus: Featuring a Host of Miraculous Moves

    Just in case you want to have some moves for when the Savior is born.  Here's your chance to brush up on them.

  • 6

    Donald Trump Toilet Paper

    It's not going to change anything.  But hey...if you've ever wished that he would kiss your....well....

  • 7

    Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain

    This isn't strange at all.  I don't know how this one even made the list.  It's completely normal to have a shower curtain with Jeff Goldblum and a monkey on it hanging in your bathroom.

  • 8

    Unicorn Meat

    Ok...full disclosure...this one's a bummer.  It won't ship to the United States.  However, if you have friends or family in the UK, you could have it sent to them.  However, to make you feel better about NOT being able to get it, I'll share this review with you:

    Being quite the connoisseur of unicorn meat, I can only say that this brand does not compare to Waitrose Essential canned unicorn meat, which contains far more sparkles per serving.

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  • 9

    Canary Lemon Branch Pillow Cover

    It's a canary that looks like a lemon when it's cut in half?  I'm confused by this one.  Why would anyone want this?

  • 10

    Wallmonkeys Senior Woman with Asthma Inhaler Peel and Stick Wall Decals

    Again, I'm not really sure who would want or need something like this.  But if you've ever wanted to peel and stick a picture of a senior woman with an inhaler on your wall, this is where you'd get it.

  • 11

    Shirtless Nicholas Cage pillow case

    It's a standard size 20"X30"pillowcase and it will go well with your Jeff Goldblum shower curtain.

  • 12

    Cat Paw Pizza Cutter

    This is really just the stocking stuffer to go with the crazy cat lady action figure.  But I could actually see someone liking this.