It is always nice to hear something good about you unless you realize that it was actually a slight!

According to Collings Dictionary, a backhanded compliment is defined as:

A backhanded compliment is a remark which seems to be an insult but could also be understood as a compliment. A backhanded compliment is also a remark which seems to be a compliment but could also be understood as an insult.

So here are the Top 5 Backhanded Compliments

1. "Wow, I Didn't Expect You To Get The Job - Congratulations!"

Basically, they are saying,  Hey, you are not qualified for the job...good luck!

2. "You look good for your age"

While you might think this is a compliment, basically they are calling you Old!

3. "Your spouse is so good looking, why are they with you?"

I hear this one a lot!!  While this is a compliment for your spouse it is a nice shot at you. Basically, you are being called a Troll!

4. "Wow, You look really good today"

Um...was I a dried up hag yesterday? Sure it should be a compliment but unless they say it every day it is a backhand compliment

5. "You always look great in your Facebook pictures"

What about real life? #nofilter right?

So if you plan on giving someone a compliment today...make sure it is a legit one!


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