All I can say it was incredible to see how her stunt was done.  From beginning to end Erendira Wallenda was a picture of confidence and grace as she conquered Niagara Falls in her own way on the fifth anniversary of her husband Nick's walk across the falls from the American side to the Canadian side.

Erendira Wallenda Performs Stunt At Niagara Falls
Erendira Wallenda (Getty Images)

We were stationed on the roof of the parking ramp; at Seneca Niagara Casino and Resort where the helicopter transported Erendira to and from the falls.  At no point did she actually enter the helicopter.  She rode what basically was a large hoola hoop to and from the falls, then used what looked like a sports mouth guard attached to the hoop to do her stunt.

If you can overcome the terror of riding a big ring underneath a helicopter flying hundreds of feet off the ground I guess you can go to the next level flying over the falls while holding on to the ring with nothing but your teeth.  I'm not sure how the Wallenda's come up with ideas like this, but it works and they make it look easy while at the same making it look spectacular.

The other thing that strikes me about the Wallendas is their deep faith.  I guess when you do the kinds of things they do they have to have faith to a higher level.  Before every stunt they gather with family and crew members, hold hands and pray.

Here's probably the best view of how the stunt went -

So what's next for the Wallenda's?  They insist they'd love to bring some kind of entertainment venue to Niagara Falls even if it's just a seasonal one.  But like everything they've done in Niagara Falls there are always hurdles and obstacles to overcome.  They seem determined to do it though.

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