She'll dangle from a bar using only her teeth as she hovers from a helicopter over the Horseshoe Falls.  Five years to the day that her husband Nick Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls from the American side to the Canadian side, Erindira Wallenda is doing a completely different stunt, but some say it may be more dangerous.

The Wallendas come from a long line of what they like to call performing artists.  Their performances involve dangerous stunts like walking on a tightrope across Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and tall Chicago buildings.

We got a chance to speak to Erindira and her husband Nick just before a helicopter was set to take her from atop the parking lot at Seneca Niagara Casino and Resorts and fly her to the brink of the Horseshoe Falls.  Is she fearful?  She says she's not, but any performer gets nervous before a show.

How about Nick?  He doesn't seem to be worried in the least.  Even before a dangerous stunt, they're both confident, obliging and flat out amazing.

Here's how our interview went:

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