If you've ever wanted an authentic theater seat in your house, you could get the from the historic Lockport Palace Theater. The best part is that they're free!

Theater seats are unique. You don't find them everywhere. That's why they could cost you hundreds of dollars if you tried to buy them from someone like on Facebook Marketplace.

But they have a certain look that a lot of people are looking for. And now, you could get them for free from a historic theater in Lockport.

According to WIVB, the Historic Lockport Palace Theater is going through a renovation that began and the start of the pandemic. They've gone through and redone just about everything.  They have a new concession area, they're building out the orchestra pit, new paint, new plaster.  Everything is new from the stage to the seats.

However, to get new seats in there, they have to remove the old ones and that costs money...a lot of money.

After doing their research, they found that removing those old seats was going to cost around $10,000. But they thought instead they could give back to the community and save some money, so they've decided they want to give them away to the public, for free.

“We just want to see those seats in your home, in your basement, something like that- to give you a little piece of history,” - Christopher Parada, executive director of the Palace Theatre.

You'll actually be saving them money by coming and taking them away.

All you need to do is email them at info@lockportpalacetheatre.org.  They will put you on a list and respond with a date when you can come pick them up.


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