Usually the only drinks available to customers at local movie theaters have been pop, water and icee's...but could beer be on the horizon?

According to WGRZ, the New York State Senate has been trying to pass a bill that would allow all movie theaters to sell alcohol, if they want to.

The bill has been attempted to be passed before but keeps getting held up in the Assembly.

New York State Senator Patrick Gallivan is an advocate for the bill and says it will be good for business.

"I think this is something that's very critical in the legislature, in the Assembly in particular, is missing the point that some of our local theaters in small towns, the Aurora Theater in particular in my district, and there's many across the state, are struggling for their existence, and this is something that will help them stay alive as a small business, said Gallivan.

It remains to be seen if this bill passes but I know a lot of people would be against this idea, especially since movie theaters are a popular place for families.

Read the full story at WGRZ.

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