Football season is here and the regular season is soo close.  There’s a lot to be excited about as a Bills fan.  This year, the players are even psyched about the beer cans!

As we creep closer to opening day against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bills fans are licking their chops.  It’s been a busy off season for Brandon Beane and the front office.  They were able to keep most of the core players that had an opportunity to go elsewhere, and they got Josh Allen signed to a long-term deal with the franchise.

Things look good.

The players, of course, are anxious to put the AFC Championship game from last year in the past where it belongs and make this their year.  They’re pretty excited about it too!  They’re even pumped about the cans that the beer will be served in.

Budweiser has created special cans just for Bills fans and Tremaine Edmunds (One of the Bills’ starting inside linebackers) shared a picture of what they sent him.  The cans and bottles should be available for purchase in Western New York early next week.

They look just like regular Bud Light cans, only they’re taller, they have the Bills charging buffalo at the top, and have the words “Bills By A Billion” printed on them at the bottom.  Many fans are angry about the fact that Budweiser is using a term that was coined by a Bills fan named "Brother Bill."  Unfortunately the phrase wasn't trademarked so legally Budweiser could use it without any ramifications but fans want to be sure that the person who coined the term is being credited with it.

But…they would be a pretty cool souvenir to have on a shelf to show to people and say, “These are the cans that the Bills served in the stadium the year they won the Super Bowl.”

But then…maybe I’m getting just a little bit ahead of myself.

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