The NFL is kicking off their season tonight with The Buffalo Bills and the LA Rams in L.A.  Get ready...without a doubt, you are going to hear these things tomorrow.

The first game of the season is always so iffy.  No one really knows what to expect.  One of the coolest things about professional football is how teams can be so different from one year to the next.  They can be incredibly dominant one year, then come out and lay an egg the next.

In the offseason, trades happen, players leave in free agency, or they retire.  Every year is different from the one before.  Because there aren't any games to comment on, you hear all the "experts" talk about what is going to happen in the upcoming year.  They make their predictions, then people believe them and make their own predictions based solely on what the "experts" said.

It gets people excited for the upcoming season.  Even if your team is bad, you think that maybe they could just upset one of the teams that is expected to be good.  Preseason happens and no one can base anything real on that so you get even more excited for the regular season.

Then the first game happens.

Your team comes out on the field.  The announcements are made.  The coin gets flipped and it's on.

So many people get so concerned with the first game.  One team has to win, and one team has to lose, but it doesn't change the way you feel.

Tomorrow, a lot of Bills fans will be "experts."  You're going to hear people saying a lot of things about the game.  But I can all but guarantee that you will hear at least one of these things on Friday.

If the Bills win:

1.  "We're going to the Super Bowl!!"

2. "This team is superior to any Bills team that's ever been on the field."

3. "Josh Allen is the best player the Bills have ever had."

4. "The Offense/Defense looks soo much better than they were last year."

5. "Brandon Beane deserves a raise".


If the Bills lose:

1.  "Good thing it's not an AFC team."

2.  "It's just one loss.  No big deal."

3.  "Josh Allen can't do it all on his own."

4. "We should have drafted ____" (fill in the blank with any player that the media talked a lot about in the off-season)

5.  "Brandon Beane needs to be fired.  He doesn't know what he's doing."


"I've said it all along that the Bills weren't as good as people said they were..."


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