Kids don't always say the darnedest things. For the older generation that grew up with relics called record players and still think VCRs are the best way to watch movies, today's computers are to be feared, much like the prospect of another Paris Hilton album.

Maybe that's why they come out with some rather hard-to-believe (not to mention amusing) comments. Check out a few things your parents have probably said about their computer at one time or another.

1. "Does my computer come with Google?"

2. "I carried you for nine months and you won’t even 'friend' me?"

3. "I’m afraid to bid on eBay. I don’t want my identity stolen."

4. "I always thought HTML was how Mexican restaurants abbreviated 'hot tamale.'"

5. "All I want is to be able to turn on my computer and go play Yahtzee."

6. "I think something is wrong with my computer. It has an "enter" key, but not one for "return.""

7. "Where do I put the floppy disk?"

Monkey Business

8. "I don't see how this is any easier than a typewriter."

9. "Is a Mac better than an Apple?"

10. "I thought Reddit is a website where people go to discuss the books they've finished."

11. "I'm pretty sure this Internet thing is just a fad."

12. "You want to know my wireless password? I didn't know I had one."

13. "I want to do a Google search, but I'm not sure where I should go to search for Google."


14. "Don't laugh at me. A lot of people need help printing."

15. "I get all these emails about Viagra. Can't the camera see I'm a female?"

16. "I hope someone helps that Nigerian prince."

17. "How do you send a text on this thing?"

18. "I don't have a desktop! Stop telling me to go to my desktop!"

19. "This isn't my computer, so I can't check my email."

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